Glossary (O-R)


Winner determined by elimination. Requirements determined by judge during class and can be very specific (e.g., canter (lope) with a count of three). Rider is eliminated when fails to perform test. Additional spotters may be used by judge to aid in elimination.

Class open to ALL riders, drivers or handlers, regardless of age, experience or level.

Except for refusals, faults are NOT judged unless rider caused the fault.

PLEASURE (Western)
Horse must have distinct impression as agreeable mount with easy, ground-covering action with prompt, comfortable gaits. Horses are shown at walk, trot (jog), canter (lope) in both directions. Open to Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat horses.

All horses registered with relevant breed association must show proof of registration papers at time of entry. In case of sale or lease a copy of contract must be presented with registration papers. Bring originals and copy of originals for show records.

Official who controls entries into the ring. Riders have to be respectful of steward’s directives and enter in a timely manner, otherwise rider will be disqualified. Ring Steward can check bits, spurs and whips for USDF compliance at their discretion.

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