Glossary (F-H)


FEI (Dressage)
Federation Equestrian Internationale. Classes above 4th level; ridden and recognized internationally.  Requires an ‘S – Judge’.

FLAT CLASSES (English / Western)
Flat classes include Walk, Trot (Jog) and Canter (Lope).  Judge may require other tests. English classes are open to Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat riders. See this English Flat Classes article for a more thorough explanation.

Event is timed and winner determined by highest score. Rider may choose to jump any fence in any order as often as time of 45 seconds allows. Each fence has points value depending on difficulty.

Official who directs entry and exit of show ring. Riders, trainers and handlers must obey all directives and order of go. Gatekeeper may report to judge on rider’s attire and headgear, if not compliant.

HALTER (Western)
Shown in-hand standing and at walk and trot. Emphasis is placed on type, conformation, quality and substance.  Horses must have good manners and pleasant attitude.

Highest score for a division, age group and level for the whole show. Not all shows have high point and may not be awarded if less than three riders (at management discretion), but all scores apply to YEAR END awards.

Horse / pony of any age, not restricted by previous showings. Hunters should be obedient, alert; responsive and move freely at hunter paces. Manners, soundness, jumping style, faults and way of moving over the course are judged.

Shown at walk, trot, canter in both directions. Required to jump 2 fences and gallop one direction of the ring.

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